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VFR over JFK?

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Ex Chicken
Nov 26, 2001
Heading from N.C to Boston and was wondering if you can still go VFR over the top of JFK? Did it a couple years ago (at 9,500 I think) and it saved us much time over IFR. I just didn't know if after 9/11 if they had changed the rules. thanks -Bean
All right, no one wants to talk VFR, how bout this. Duats wants me to take V123 from RBV to LGA. I will be at 9000ft in a PA32R. What are the chances? Any suggestions for better routes? -Bean
You should be alright as long as you stay out of the 2nm and 8000' top tfr around ground zero. double check though. info is a couple of months old.
I'm an instructor at Teterboro. There's not TFR over ground zero anymore. Just within a 1 nm radius of the Statue of Liberty up to 1500. And you won't get any IFR routing near LGA or JFK but VFR over the top of the bravo or under is fine.
The Ground Zero TFR has expired ... there was a TFR around the Statue of Liberty around July 4th but it may also have lapsed ... check to be sure.

Yes, you can proceed VFR over JFK as long as you're outside (above) the Class B. That said, I would strongly advise either filing IFR or seeking flight following, just to cover yourself.

New York Approach usually won't approve routings over LGA ... the best routing to overfly NY airspace is V16 ... Coyle to JFK to Deer Park to Calverton to Norwich. ATC grants that routing to overflights routinely.

In fact, depending on which Boston airport you're going to, IFR arrivals are often routed over Norwich, via the Woons arrival.

If you have life vests, another easy routing is Sea Isle, V139 to Hampton ... you're about 30 miles offshore at the furthest point.

Good luck and fly safe!

JFK ... yes

All due respect to iranse, I was routed directly over JFK on V16 on an IFR flight plan (PVD to PHL) at 6000' just two days ago, and have gotten the same routing many times in the past, particularly coming up the east coast from VA/NC to New England.

Flywithruss, thanks, that is the kinda info I was looking for. Look's like v16 jfk is the way to go. Sea Isle v139 Hampton is tempting but not in a single. The reason I am worried is with the best ifr routing (and no wind) I can make CLT- BVY (just north of BOS) nonstop with an hour (my personal mins) fuel. If NY approach wants to take me west (like near Albany), I am going to have to come up with a new plan. That of course is all mute if I get the rare NE headwind. thanks again to all for the advice.
Fuel Stop

Bean ...

Glad I could help. Used to live in CLT myself, so know the area well.

If things get tight at all, consider a PHL fuel stop ... don't shy away from it just because it is a Bravo ... unless there's flow on (due to awful wx, like today), it is not difficult to get in, and Atlantic offers $0.60 off a top-off (EVERY DAY!), making your fuel price $2.10 a gallon for Avgas ... not bad at all. I did it on Sunday. Landing fee is only $10 for a single.

Have a good trip.

This is totally off the subject, but I was wondering if you know a guy named Geoff that flies for CCAIR?

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