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very tall helicopter pilots?

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Active member
Dec 4, 2001
Hey all,

I am looking into signing up for a military reserve flying helicopters as a warrant officer or similar.

At 6'9" to 6'10" and 230lbs (very tall/very skinny), Can I realistically expect to fit in the aircraft? (At this point, I'm not picky about the branch of service or the type.)

Currently, I am a 30 year old regional airline pilot. Having read many of the posts here, I am aware that (extended) deployments are likely.

Thanks for your time.

Mil height limit is 6'4". It IS possible to get a waiver, but at your height my estimate of waiver chances are 0.

I was interested in NASA, but am too tall for them.

Good luck!
You also might want to check on the age limits...can't speak for the Army, but unless they changed it, at 30, you're too old to get into a pilot program with the Navy.
Waivers are nil right about now I had to fight for me to get one and it was about a month long ordeal with lots of frustrations along the way. "I think you have to appear before the military board that selects candidates for flight school before turning 33 years old. If you’re 33 or 34, it is possible to get a waiver." (About.com) You would need to get in right now so that you can get off to Basic WOCS etc. etc. There is no age waivers right now a good friend of mine was unable to get in because of his age and he was 33. Good luck

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