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Vee Neal Aviation info?

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They called me a couple weeks ago and offered 36,000 as a Captain on the Jetstream. Pay seemed a bit low for a Captain but they have big plans as far as getting jets. I did not accept the interview.
Can somebody clarify?...Is this the same Vee Neal to which PSA Airlines can trace its lineage?

As in...Vee Neal airlines of Latrobe Pennsylvania?
They are part 135, not a scheduled 121 carrier. They have flown multiple contracts in the past, M&T Bank shuttle is one the I remember before US out of ROC picked the contract up. They have been flying the junkstreams for as long as I recall and they have had these "big jet dreams" for quite some time and yes, they are out of Latrobe. Hard to compete when Ed is running LJ the way he has been for years right next door. I don't have any specifics with regards to QOL, schedule, etc. I was called years ago for the interview but after going in and out of Latrobe many times on charter for M&T I couldn't bring myself to move to the area and suffer the possible severe depression that may or may not have sunk in if I did have to reside in that area for any prolonged period of time. $36K does seem quite low and I am sure they would fly you as much as they could, I would explore all other options especially since most other charter and quite a few corporate flight departments are hiring in the area from what I have heard. Hopefully current or former Vee Neal pilots can add and key you in a little more than what you have been able to obtain here in this thread thus far.
There is nothing wrong with Latrobe. I live about 20 miles to the west in Irwin. It's a great area.
They have been advertising for J31 and Saab pilots for close to a year (perhaps more). Charter 135 for $36K in Latrobe is probably not great QOL. Min days off. Forever on call. Ask them what their turnover rate is. Their phone interview will most likely stop at that point.

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