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Vanquard called for interview

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Well-known member
Nov 25, 2001
I would appreciate any info about the interview process. Any company information would help also.


I interviewed there in Jan.

Go to aviationinterviews.com. There are four or five interview summaries for Vanguard. All are on the mark.

Piece of cake if you study up on the ATP written test prep.

Good luck!
Could someone please provide the payscale for Vanguard? Year 1 & 2 FO pay and new Captain pay.

Does the company contribute any $ for insurance? What does a family policy cost per month thru Vanguard?

How are the schedules for you guys who commute?

1st yr FO: 28.61/unit
2nd yr FO: 31.47/unit

1st yr CA: 58.84/unit

units roughly equal hours, Line holders avg 84 units/month
reserve guarantee is 75 units.

There is an insurance plan, but I am not too clear on how it works.

I can't comment on commuting as I am merely a swimmer in the pool at this point.

Good luck!
Please tell me that is a typo...

58 bones per hour for a captain? Are you fricken kidding me. And they have the cajones to say they are not a stepping stone for the majors? I know the job market is horrible guys but come on, those rates are insulting!

Like the first and second year pay at a regional is anything to jump up and down at. Or the pay at a regional at all give me a break!!!!!!!!!
That is kind of my point. Regionals get away with their pathetic wages because no one wants to stay there (except for the six or seven guys in the rjdc). Vanguard is not a regional, but pays worse than one. My comment wasn't a hit against anyone interviewing or working there, just an observation from someone lucky enough not to be furloughed. Good luck at your interview.

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