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Vanity Fair article on USAir 1549

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Mar 4, 2008
Read online free: Anatomy of a Miracle

Another well written article by Langewiesche. And although I don't think it equals the success of his work on the GOL 737/Legacy Jet midair over Mato Grosso state, Brazil: The Devil at 37,000 feet, it's refreshing to read someone finally giving some credit to Airbus for the outcome of the event.

Also includes a bit about the Air Transat A330 that glided into the Azores.
Most exellent article. This writer obviously researches the matter before composing. It would be nice to see more of these accurate accounts.
I think he was. He flew commercially for a while in the past. Not sure if it was airline, though.

He's the son of the guy who wrote "Stick and Rudder."
In the cabin were three female flight attendants who were quintessential also, and not in the Singapore Airlines style.

He got that right.
Langewiesche was a commercial pilot -- flew freight. His dad was an airline pilot. He wrote a book about flying called "Inside the Sky" I read it a long time ago. It's pretty good.

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