Vanguard situation?


Apr 28, 2002
Total Time
To continue on the subject, let me say I interviewed last week, and going to the sim next week. However, my friend, a line pilot w/ them informed me this eveving that he hoped I didn't cut my ties with a possible corporate job I may have. Seems that on a 30 min. stopover in KC today in the middle of a 4-day trip they (the crew) were informed that the CEO is in Washington today 'begging' for money. At the same time the man who has come up with 'the plan', which is working (maybe too little too late), has informed the maintenance folks in KC to do what is best for their future. It seems AAL is moving a maintenance facility into MCI and they will pay these guys practically twice what they are getting with Vanguard. What would you do in their shoes? No brainer! I believe that has the pilots worried as much as the financial status. I happened to see the Wall Street Journal today which had an interesting article stating that the director of whatever board or committee was set up to see what airlines deserve and should get the federal loan money, stepped down yesterday. Maybe the fact that Vanguards CEO went there today is coincidental, I think not. We all know how fast info spreads in a small airline, let's hope it's just a knee-jerk reaction. However, I do know I'll be on the phone w/ Karen tomorrow!