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Vanguard interview gouge?

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Hugh Jorgan

Well-known member
Nov 25, 2001
Got the call from them today, wondering if anyone has any gouge for the vanguard interview process. Thanks in advance...
Haven't heard any gouge for Vanguard, and I'm looking also. Carlene called a left a message for me yesterday to set up an interview. I can't get past her voice mail so far, so I've just left a message; just waiting for her to call back. When is your interview?
Vanguard gouge

Just finished the interview last month, start training Monday the 7th. The interview was straight forward with John Cowart Chief of hiring. He is most interested in your fit and desire to stay with Vanguard. My interview lasted about 40 minutes, zero technical just situational questions about customer service. The big difference in the interview from what I read before was the test. They are now giving a 55 question multiple choice test. 95% comes directly from the ATP test prep book. Not hard if you read up on it. This was followed a week later by the 737-200 sim at flight safety in Dallas. Real simple profile. Noise abatement T/O, Steep turn and an ILS down to 200 feet.

Best of Luck

The aviationinterviews sim profile is dead on. It is straight from the sheet they will give you at the sim ride. I had it ahead of time and was totally prepared for the ride. Others saw it for the first time that night and totally floundered. The test is new. The old 20+ question test had gotten around and didn't have much to do with piloting anyway. John Cowart is a great guy. He will give you situational Q's that are in the gouge at aviationinterviews. Relax. He's very open minded. You'll notice that he's paying more attention to you than your answer. If you're a good guy to fly with, he'll see it. Carlene is a sweetie. At the sim ride you will get a quick "has anything changed since the interview" interview. Mine was with the chief pilot Mark Clark and MD-80 fleet manager Eric Lorenz. Capt. Cowart sat in. (he gives the sim eval) The eval is basic. He handles the gear and flaps; you just fly! Good luck!

p.s. There will be eight new hire MD-80 F/Os in the class on the 7th. No capt. upgrades. You will sim with a partner f/o. They're still doing training in Long Beach but are investigating Dallas for the future.
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