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Value of time under 20,000 #'s?

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Jet Blue for one

Jet Blue for one, in 2000 they wanted 1000 PIC in 100K MGTOW
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Guess it sucks to be you if you're applying to jet blue then. At least the pay is good and you don't have to vacuum after you fly.

Yip's right. Get that coveted 1000 turbine PIC then move up. The PIC time will get you a better choice of "big" jet jobs.TC
MauleSkinner said:
I don't see any difference in difficulty between a 19,300 lb Falcon 10 and a 23,600 lb Hawker 400. Actually, the 16,300 lb Beechjet is more difficult to fly than the Hawkers.

Am I reading this right, they upped the MGTOW 7,300 lbs with the improvements from the Beechjet to the Hawker 400??
The Beechjet 400A MGTOW was 16,100...For a cool $10,000 you can get the AFM update to give you the same MGTOW of the "new" Hawker 400XP of 16,300. So it is only an increase of 200 pounds.
The Hawker 400 is an HS-125, somewhere in the line between the Hawker 1A and the Hawker 800XP...the Hawker 400XP is the "new Beechjet". Still a BE-400?

Confusing, huh? ;)

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