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Value of time under 20,000 #'s?

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Apr 3, 2005

Just hired as a SIC/FO for a 135 company what is the value of time turbine time under 20000 lbs? I have mins for the other regionals, so not sure what to do. I will probably make Captain in less than a year so then it will be turbine PIC. This a/c is similiar to a 1900 in size, but I understand that Jetblue AA and all the other majors require the a/c to be a certain weight. Also, will the regionals become majors should I just start at the regionals to prevent making a lateral movement and losing a senority #?

Personally, I never figured out what magic happened at 20,000 lbs or above...I don't see any difference in difficulty between a 19,300 lb Falcon 10 and a 23,600 lb Hawker 400. Actually, the 16,300 lb Beechjet is more difficult to fly than the Hawkers.

On the other hand, if the people hiring say they want time over 20,000 lbs, I guess that's what you need. Maybe they don't understand how to read flight manuals and performance charts. Who knows?

fly safe!


****** I just got myself a three day suspension for posting in poor taste.
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Get your 1000 TJPIC then look for a job in a bigger airplane, there are lots of DA-20 (28.6K) jobs out there who would be interested in someone with a 1000 TJPIC
What application is asking for turbine time in something over 20K?
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