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V Speeds

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Active member
Nov 28, 2001
Can't seem to find these V-speeds in the book. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance to all.

Vap, Vac, Vfs
Vfs = Flap Safety Speed, the speed which provides a margin of safety during flap retraction after takeoff or a go-around

Vap is sometimes expressed as approach speed

Vac; dunno.

Note that none of these are official designations, but are either manufacturer-use or common-use designations. You'll frequently come across speeds designated by a particular manufacturer that aren't used by other aircraft manufacturers. Nothing springs to mind as a good example, but I'm sure others here will have some.
V speeds

Thanks for the info. Was just guessing Vap as approach. Had no idea about the others. Tks again.
Vap= Approach speed
Vac= Approach climb speed (speed used for second segment climb)
Vfs= Final segment climb speed
Mickey is right about Vfs, it is final segment climb speed not flap safety speed. The other Vspeeds mentioned are correct.

V speeds

Thanks to all for the help. Fly safe and enjoy.

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