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IBT does not represent ME
Nov 27, 2001
CNN is now interviewing the SS agent's attorney. THey are saying it is a case of discrimination. Give me a f'n break. The agent made a statement saying he lost his temper after being asked for is ID five times. While at work I am asked for my ID easily a dozen times a day. Every time I get a release I show my ID, every time I travel through insecurity I show my id two or three times. It appears that the agent raised his voice to the captain and lost his ride.
I think this should be moved to the YGBSM section, because, well, YGBSM!

Here is a great post from PHX 767 that was on the original thread. I think this says it all.

PHX767 said:
Boy, I don't think I have ever heard of an AA Captain being called a hillbilly before. That's a new one.

Anyway, here is the text of the AA Cheif pilot hotline for today...


This is Bob Kudwa, and today is Thursday, January 3rd, 2002.

Some of you have sent me questions regarding the denied boarding of a Secret Service agent in BWI last week. You have probably read some points of view in various newspapers. I have spoken to the Captain, read the various AA reports, and had discussions with the SOC people.

The Captain was in direct contact with the law enforcement personnel in Baltimore, the AA agents, and the MOD. The Secret Service Agent did not completely fill out his paperwork three times and when challenged to complete it correctly got angry. The Captain, supported by the manager at SOC, chose not to board an angry individual with a weapon. I support his decision. End of story. We have been through enough - we do not need to
take any chances.
If this SS agent even so much as grunted about the crew checking and re-checking his I.D. then he should have been sent down the road kickin cans.
The number of daily checks that uniformed crew members go through in a day is ridiculous. Take my boots off, undo my belt buckle, search my bag... excuse me, but do know that as soon as I clear your little check point I am going to my jet where there is this really neat CRASH AXE at my disposal! And no, I don't mind if you take my nail clippers... those things can be really dangerous - I might clip the Captain to death, but don't worry about that crash axe!
My favorite is the I.D. check at every station. Picture this... Top of the world, dark, blowing snow, -30. The CSA comes up and checks my I.D. I still have not figured out what exactly we are doing this for? I don't believe in little green men, but maybe they think that an alien got me while in cruise when we flew over the arctic circle? Or maybe if some bad guys were in the back, they were able to take over the cockpit, land the jet on that small runway after doing that non-precision appraoch, and they are still doing their best to stay on schedule so it is up to the CSA to catch them?
As I said before, if I have to go through this every day at work (probably for the next 28 years...) with a smile on my face, then that SS agent better be nice and say thank you sir for the ride. Attitude is something he is not entitled to.
Safe skys to all.
Slightly off topic, and I may be beating a dead horse but...

While I don't agree with security harassing crewmembers, I don't think they should be any easier on "uniformed crewmembers" because we have access to a crash axe. It is very easy to purchase airline uniforms even if you aren't an airline pilot. They have to treat uniformed crewmembers like anyone else, because they could very likely be "anyone else." It seems by your argument that as long as you're in uniform, you should be able to carry an axe through security... this logic is flawed.

As far as the SS agent's lawsuit... THe SS should be ashamed to have this person representing them. He should be severely reprimanded for his behavior, and this captain should be given kudos for protecting the safety of his ship and passengers. I agree with IFFF... YGBSM.
I don't think my logic is flawed, but I do know that the system is broke.
Yes, uniforms are easy to get. The I.D. is the key. We need a national I.D. that allows us to get through security without the strip search.
Have you ever watched a National Guardsmen go through security? They have a loaded weapon on their hip and they walk right through. I have seen them do this without anybody even looking at their I.D. Just the uniform is all they need.
Last time I checked, BDU's were even easier to get then airline uniforms.
If the day comes that crew members are allowed to carry will we still be strip searched? Take those nail clippers from a crewmember who is legally carrying a weapon?
The real point is that crew members are not the problem. We don't need a weapon or crash axe or nail clippers to do bad things to the airplane if we wanted to. Give me a national I.D. and let me do my job. With the proper I.D. I should be able to go though security just like that 19 year old National Guardsmen.
AK737FO and Flyin' Brian, let's keep this on topic. Please go to the security thread or start a new one to debate that topic.
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This is the AA press release in response to the SS agent's lawyers. It has the Captain's and SOC Manager's reports.

Doesn't sound to me like a hillbilly. (Boy, I just can't let go of that one)

Yahoo - American Holds Firm on Protecting the Safety of Its Passengers
After reading the press report I believe the Captain definitely did the right thing. Someone in the SS should know better then to act strangely and lose their temper. With the crew and passengers as witnesses I doubt American's lawyers will have trouble defending the case.
Based on what I'd read on the incident report and Capt. Kudwa's remarks, I think American should be able to keep such a lawsuit at bay. I doubt that any jury would be sympathetic to someone whose conduct was as unprofessional as reported in the incident report.
I think that American Airlines ought to host a big hoedown with a clam bake for everyone, and invite the Secret Service. It's a proven fact that people cannot fight once they've square danced at the same hoedown.

Can't we all just get along?

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