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USMC KC-130 Stop Loss

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Nov 30, 2001
For Marine Herk guys and any AF guys who have gotten around stop loss.

First, for USAF bubbas. What does it take for you all to get around stop loss? Please provide some input, because we just got this handed to us and there has to be a loophole. The more info, the better.

For my Marine Herk brothers, if there are any out there, since gouge and groupthink got us through flight school and the upgrade process, it could probably work here.

I've had an e-mail exchange with the company grade monitor, who said that resigning on a normal timeline is still possible, you just need the Wing CG to sign off on it and they'll only do that if it is a 'good package'. Maybe being overly optimistic, but I figure that we just need to figure out what defines a good package.

I'm pretty sure that for captains anyway, pilot numbers vs. staffing goal vs. T/O is pretty good for all the squadron, but using info like that and also flight time/currency/proficiency issues, we might be able to put something together that will allow us to get paroled and perhaps move on into the reserves.

Any thoughts?
USMC Herc stop loss only applies to guys that want to resign. If you are twice passed for promotion, you're out. If you want to retire, you're out. The stop loss only extends you for UP TO 6 months.

The way I read the message, if you want out and have already completed all service commitments, the most they can extend you for is 6 months past your service commitment. My guess is if you are past your service commitment and request to resign, the LONGEST they could keep you in is 10 months (the 4 months minimum notice that is required plus the extra 6 months). Best case scenario, if you are at least 2 months past your service commitment, you would only have to wait the 4 months (minus terminal leave, which they are not required to give you) required by the SEPS Manual (exactly like it's always been).

That's my read on it.
Stop loss

Sumo Brothers,

The AF guys here are able to submit a waiver request for the Stop Loss. Very few have submitted the request but those who have had it approved! I personally know one here. I would doubt that a waiver would be positively endorsed in the Corps. But you can try and the worst case is that you get denied. Been there before brother! They say if you ask 10 girls to go home with you at a bar at least one will! Unless you are in the P.I. or U-taphao.

Also, I think that you can still submit your LOR for the day after the stop loss ends. This will keep you the minimum amount of time if the above does not work and they do not extend the stop loss.

Semper Fi , Duds
Do you think you could e-mail me a copy of the USAF's stop loss waiver version 1.0 or whatever it is. Right now I'm trying to figure out how many TPC/CP's each squadron has and what they're flying. I know we're fat, but I got a feeling I'll hav to prove it for this thing to be looked upon favorably.

Still waiting for the Maj board. With no PME, I've heard the odds for getting passed are pretty good.......rolling the dice, you know?

Take it easy, brother


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