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User Defined DME-ARC on the GNS-XLS ?

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Marriott Platinum Member
Dec 2, 2003
Ok, I admit I am not a certified factory tech rep on the GNS-XLS.

With that said, can the device (and if it can, please tell me how to do it) fly a pre-defined DME ARC off a user defined waypoint via autopilot?

For Example, lets say I want to orbit a 5 mile arc off a waypoint, located on the LAX 120 radial at 35 DME. I would defined that waypoint as LAX*35 (my personal method) in the box. Now, how can I fly a 5 DME arc around it via autopilot? (I know how to bring the course pointer up and fly it manually!)

Or say a manual lat/long waypoint entry, your girlfriends house is at XXXX North YYYYY West, now how can I orbit a 5 Mile arc off that?

DME Arc, not a holding pattern, just to clarify.

Can this be done?

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Okay, I'm sure I'm missing something so please bear with me, but wouldn't you just define your way points along the arc fix/dist/radial and set your waypoints about 10 radial degs apart and then couple the AP to fly the route fix to fix?

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