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USAR looking for Fixed Wing Pilots

Semore Butts

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Feb 15, 2002
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I thought some of you guys may want to know this;

This comes from my new Battalion Commander.
If you are a former military pilot, they will send you to the abbreviated "Fixed Wing" course.

Then it's off to Iraq for a 12 month rotation.
After that, if you wanna be in a C-12 unit (Ft. McCoy Wisconsin, Ft. Knox Kentucky, Los Alamitos California, Johnstown Pennsylvania, Willow Grove Pennsylvania, Ft. Rucker Alabama, your there! :thumbup:

If you wanna be a UC-35 Pilot;
It's off to to 2 weeks of Fight Safety, then 2 weeks of Army jet training at Dobbins in Atlanta, then at some point after that it will be back to Iraq/AFghanistan/Kuwait for a 6 month tour.

The bases for UC-35 are Ft. Hood TX, Dobbins in Atlanta, or Ft. Bragg North Carolina.

The application requirements are:
Last 3 Officer Evaluation Reports
Officer Record Brief, or 2-1 or whatever form your service has.
Have to pass the Military Physical
General Resume
(Cannot have been Flight Evaluation Boarded out the service)

If you have all this stuff, and are interested,or have questions, you can email me at daddyo1@vvm.com,

Please put a number on the email so I can call you. (Not to pressure, I hate typing)

Take care, Semore.