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USAPA Officers Acting Irresponsibly?

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Aircooled By T2
Dec 8, 2008
Quick Facts # 12 Hosted on Unbiased Facts
July 8, 2009

USAPA Officers Acting Irresponsibly?

USAPA officers operating irresponsibly, unprofessionally and outside of the USAPA
constitution and by-laws?

USAPA PHL Domicile Update – June 12, 2009
''The BPR held a special meeting in CLT June 9-11. Day one began with a report from
President Cleary on internal office procedures and duties. It was apparent to your PHL Reps
that things were not running as smoothly as one should expect. After clear direction from the
BPR, we believe the matter will reach a successful conclusion. The Board made it very clear
that the Officers primary duty is to the Pilots, under the direction of the BPR.''

USAPA LGA Domicile Update – June 17, 2009
''First of all, this was our first “face-to-face” BPR meeting with our newly elected Officers in
position. I would like to report that “the pilots’ business” is being conducted without any
hiccups after transitioning from the old leadership to the new, but that is not the case. We spent
the first two hours of the meeting listening to and discussing reports of certain officers
conducting business outside of their responsibilities as defined in the Constitution and Bylaws.
I would be glad to give more details in person, but the message I want to leave with you is that
your Board made clear in no uncertain terms that they expected the Officers to put aside any
differences and conduct the pilots’ business in a professional and responsible matter.''

USAPA CLT Domicile Update - June 23, 2009
''The meeting opened with a disclosure to the BPR that one of our newly-elected Officers
required some guidance from the BPR on how we needed to move forward. Issues had
developed that were indicative of policies being instituted and behaviors being followed that
were, in our opinion, outside the duties and responsibilities listed in the USAPA Constitution
and not in the best interests of our pilots. As in the cockpit, there is only one Captain, and the
use of CRM is the tool that ensures we all work cohesively to safely complete our job. In our
case, our pilots overwhelming elected Mike Cleary to Captain this union, and we enforced the
fact that we expect the same philosophy and respect to occur among our newly-elected officers
that we observe every day in our cockpits. In the rare instances that immediate decisions are to
be made, reasonable requests by our President must be followed by the officers until input
from the BPR can be sought. The BPR fully understands the complexities of running this
organization, and we look forward to working cohesively with the entire officer core that you
have elected. We intend to bring you the best representational product available and have made
that point clear to the Officers, that we expect them to work together for the benefit of the
entire pilot group and the common goal of following your direction into the future.''

Summary: The USAPA Officers are President Mike Cleary, Vice President Randy Mowrey,
Executive Vice President Ciabattoni, and Secretary/Treasurer Rob Streble. According to the
LGA Domicile Reps. the BPR “spent the first two hours of the meeting listening to and
discussing reports of certain officers conducting business outside of their responsibilities as
defined in the Constitution and Bylaws.”
This is a very serious charge. Why have there only been cursory Domicile Rep. comments
with no real information provided? Why didn’t USAPA report to the pilots on an item that took
up a significant portion of a meeting day and dues dollars? Why do the line pilots tolerate
USAPA's lack of published BPR meeting minutes? Why are the line pilots not informed of
serious issues effecting union business or questions of professionalism, ethics and integrity?

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