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USAirways CASS system ..........

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Well-known member
Jul 9, 2002
Hi,I am happy to see USAirways on the CASS system. I'd be even happier to see USAirways gate agents who know about the CASS system and how to use it. Has anyone on this board had the fortune of dealing with a USAirways gate agent who knew how to enter the information into the computer for CASS riders? I've been told by a few that the system just doesn't work for them.Hopefully they will get it sorted out soon. This holiday standby travel is tight.BBD

I was in Charlotte last monday and in Tampa this morning.....none of the gate agents had a clue how to use the CASS system. I was glad there was room in the back.
I was in clt a couple of days ago and when I asked the agent about cass she thought I was from mars. And then I talked to the captain and he was the one that brought it to my attention.
If they are using the new QIK Reservation system - slowly being rolled out around the US Airways system, have them type <ctrl> F3 and it brings up the CASS window.

This also works for all America West stations.

All they need to do us enter the employee password and two letter airline code.

If you have a problem ask them to call the QIK helpdesk or the SABRE helpdesk.

Don't give up!

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