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USAir Wholley Owned Subsidiaries

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Active member
Nov 25, 2001
A question - with all the concern on this board surrounding USAir's financial prediciment, specifically, Bethune's indication UsAir will not survive along with UAL, what do you guys at the wholly ownes (piedmont,PSA & Allegheny) think will happen with your companies ?
I am not sure what would happen if mainline went under but if I am right, Piedmont and Allegheny are hiring and getting more aircraft. PSA is getting more aircraft and will start hiring shortly. I think things are going well, all things considered.
I agree, it is a good sign that the subsidieries are growing. They are solid well managed companies that wouldn't grow unless they had a good future business plan. My thoughts are also worst case scenario if mainline went under, they would either be bought or able to make it on thier own. That is just my guess as I do not know the contractutal intricates of routes and so forth that the subsidieries may have to contend with going on their own. I have an opportunity to go with you guys or go back to my old job in which I was orginally furloughed from after the company was cut in half. I am very skiddish of returning.

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