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Usair merger prob says Kirby

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This genius made $3.6M last year... Wow... He's way underpaid now that I've seen his amazing knowledge
Looks like the ugly chick at the prom is getting frustrated.
If USAir and American were to merge ...... that would be interesting to watch from the perspective of simple, grim fascintation. Man would that be fugly, I will believe that one when I see it. I don't see USAir making it intact simply due to the intractable complications extant on the property. I see them getting parted out at some point down the road. As for American's future, that will be interesting to see as well.
AA management is too constipated and indecisive to take on any merger at this point. Plus they have 3 major labor contracts being negotiated, all of which they've been stalling for years.

And you're right, it would be fugly. The only guy stupid enough to try and take on a US Airways merger would be Don Carty, Mr. Airline Wrecker himself, and he's gone, thank goodness.

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