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USA Airport Database / Google Maps / eBay Website Mashup

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New member
Dec 3, 2005
Hey all,

First time poster and new member to the flightinfo hanger. Anyway I joined because I'm looking for input on my website/online tool/application. I run a website called the Internet Bargain Center (http://www.internetbargaincenter.com) and I've been working on a feature called "Bargains Near Airports". (http://www.internetbargaincenter.com/airports/) I'm using The Global Airport Database (http://www.partow.net/miscellaneous/airportdatabase/).

When I mashed-up the US airports and the Google Map using the Google API, I found out that the airport database is dead on correct. It's actually really cool to see the runway structure and airport layout of a particular airport on the “map” view and then toggle to “satellite” view. I could spend hours doing that. But this is an unintended result of my original goal of implementing my theory with eBay bargains.

My theory behind this feature is that people can find bargains on cars or light aircraft that they can just fly into an airport and drive/fly it home. Or lets say a very heavy item is being purchased that would ordinarily need to be picked up by a buyer. Rather than going through that hassle, an agreement can be reached so the seller can just deliver it to the airport and have it shipped by air to the buyer rather quickly. I also believe that an items close proximity to a major airport can expedite shipping. What do you guys think of these theories?

I'm also interested in your guy's comments about the feature on my website. Am I missing any major airports? (I know, no Washington DC, right now doesn't go with the rest of the website, if I get enough interest I'll put it up) Positive and negative feedback is welcomed. I'm trying to improve every little aspect of my website and input from experts in aviation such as yourselves would really help me out. Thank you.

Hmmm, I don't get it....... In your FAQ page you write:
Does the internet bargain center sell any items directly?
A. No, we just provide a way for you, the consumer, to find the items you are looking for on eBay in your area.
If I want to search for an item in my area on Ebay I will search locally on the Ebay site.

Maybe I need some more coffee, yeah I'm going to drink some more coffee and come back to this post.
I also may need more coffee, but I don't understand what more someone could get from this site than going direct through Ebay? You can do searches on Ebay using zip codes and cities. I don't think it matters if the seller is near an airport. If I am selling something large and need it shipped, I don't go to the airport, I go to my local UPS store around the corner and they take care of it. Maybe I'm missing something......:confused:
Thanks for the comments. I wanted to try and improve upon eBay's interface using live auction data. Basically, I'm trying to make a great thing even better. If you hover over the end time of an auction, it counts down live for ya. Hovering over the item title brings up an auction picture is there is one. Hovering over the price give you the number of feedbacks and percent positive of the seller. Finally, clicking the milage give a Google Map.

(http://www.internetbargaincenter.com/airports/ I would like comments on the airport database if possible. I can't be the only one who things switching between the map view of an airport and the satellite view of an airport is freaking sweet.
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ibcsite said:
Thanks for the comments. I wanted to try and improve upon eBay's interface using live auction data. Basically, I'm trying to make a great thing even better.
What you're doing violates Ebay's Terms of Service.

Site Interference

Interference or attempted interference with eBay's site and/or operations using any software program, routine or activity is a serious offense and is not permitted.
Members using the eBay site may only modify or add content in those areas specifically designated for member use. All content must also abide by all other eBay policies. Designated member areas are:
  • the description area of the View Item page.
  • the reply box on the eBay discussion, chat and help boards.
  • the members' About Me page.
  • the feedback comments area of the Feedback Forum.
  • the bid box.
  • the eBay email forwarding system text box (e.g. Ask Seller a Question, Contact eBay Member).

Some ExamplesHide
  • Changing the font color of the Seller Information Box or Member Profile page is not permitted
  • Writing software programs to “scrape” eBay’s site is not permitted
Note bolded font. Hopefully you didn't spend much time on the code...what you're doing is illegal IMO and ebay would be within their rights to sue.


moderator reviewed- no action taken
this is honest feedback and should be taken as such--- thanks wheelsup
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wheelsup, thank you for your concern, however I am an eBay developer http://developer.ebay.com/ My code's been evaluated by eBay and is not scraping the auctions but rather, using eBay's Application Programmers Interface to get the live auction data.
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