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Usa 3000?????

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Well-known member
Feb 13, 2002
Talked to the people from USA3000 @ATL Air Inc. this weekend, very nice and personable. Does anyone know anyone working there?
Just curious about schedules and life on the line.
You're one of the lucky ones I guess. Just before my furlough last December, I e-mailed them with a few questions. Never heard a peep...nothing. I guess being typed and current in the Airbus didn't interest them. Whatever...

I'm very happy where I am now, don't get me wrong. But it seemed rather odd that a start-up airline wasn't interested in someone who was already flying their fleet type.

Good luck to you with USA3000. You'll LOVE the bus!
JBL: Don't feel bad, you were not the only one.
I know of two rated and current 320-321 pilots that did the same as you and still do and have never heard a peep.
Did you have PIC time?
They do not, so I thought that might be the reason as their hours are high being well over 5 and 6000, with about 3000 each on the bus.
Funny also, how no other airline or company that they have applied to, no one has ever called them.

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