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US Customs

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Active member
Jan 7, 2002
Anyone know where to start an Aviation Carreer at the US customs? other than the website? any information pertaining to the job would be great.

Their local Airport Office

About 2 years ago I went by their office in Salt Lake City,Utah. They had pilot jobs posted on a little stand outside their office. Their requirements were pretty low, but I bet they have a job hotline in Washington, D.C. too.

Here's yer info...

US Customs Service require a minumum of 1,500 total time, PIC multi and 500 multi, 150 IMC and Night.

You are covered under the Federal Law Enforcement Retirement System so you are required to retire by age 57. You cannot be over the age of 37 when applying, they only have 320 to 350 pilots at present and turn over is low to non existant.

Contact the Office of Personel Managment (OPM), ask for a Qualifications Standard Handbook for General Schedule Positions. Get a standard Federal application form, through OPM.

Next contact the USCS directly and ask them to send you a vacancy announcement, (see if they still have the mailing list for these and if so asked to be placed on it). The announcement will include all the info you need to fill out the job app you got from OPM.

Some agencies will accept resumes with completed apps but others don't and if you send one it will booger up things really good, so check first!

You will have to apply directly to the agency itself and if you are selected to be pooled, your app is good for only 90 days after which you will have to submit ALL the stuff over again.

Its a real pain in the arse, but it could pay off in the end.

Keep in mind, I am quoting from personal experience from way back in 1995, stuff probally has changed alot so don't quote me on anything!

Also (if you haven't yet) try www.customs.gov
That's the "official" website and is plum full of info and recruiter contact names and numbers nation-wide. It also has the vacancy announcements, etc.
I went through the interview process (about 4 years ago)all the way through the flight check and can relate my experience if you would like to PM me. I don't know how relevent the info would be....... just my experience.
Thanks for the info.... I spoke to one of the recruiters and was told there is probably going to be some movement in the "near" future... Sorry - I posted almost the same in the government area - thanks anyhow....
Not older than 37 at hiring, not at the date of application. Big difference. The hiring process can be very lengthy.

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