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US Customs Pilots

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Mar 24, 2002
I would like to get any information on the lifestyle and career path of US customs pilots. I am going to call one of their recruiters as well but I would like some first hand info if available.
expect to live along the southern border.

USCS flies the H-60 helo, as well as CE-500, and P3s

you can not be older than 37 (except for the P3 i think you can be 40)
base of ops include Corpus christie tx, and miami, i would guess sandieago as well but am unsure as I am an east coast guy.

you can sxee a listing of their jobs here

We have customs that fly out of OJC here in KC. Here they only fly 210's but I'll try and get some info.
I talked to our customs pilot before my check ride saturday.

I think that was the web site he gave me.

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