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US Airways wo's contract

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Apr 29, 2002
Do the wo's have a clause in their contract that forbids the formation of another wo? I read on another forum that they do but can't get confirmation. If they do, someone please explain it to me. Since there is no flow through, can you legally stop a flowback? I am a Comair guy and since the feds took away jumpseat (offline) I can't get any answers. Thanks in advance for the response.
Brian De Jong
At PDT, we dont have specific scope against the company forming another wholly, however, we have rights against the formation of an alter-ego carrier. That is usually for an arbitrator to rule on if that is the case. We had a pretty good case against the formation of Potomac Air last time, since they were only formed to become DCAir, or fold if the merger with United failed. When it did, U kept running them, using PDT aircraft and personel, flying routes PDT was flying using lower cost, non-union employees.
This is from section 1 of the PDT contract under scope
4. The Company shall not create or acquire an "alter ego" to avoid the terms and conditions of the Agreement.
Sorry, I can't answer the flowback question.
Regards, Jetprop

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