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US Airways people, help me out here...

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Sierra Whiskey!
Nov 25, 2001
I was coming home this weekend on US Airways. LGA to PHL was on an Airbus 320. The safety card called it an "Airbus 320 EOW". Question I have is, what does EOW mean? I've never heard that one before. Is it specific to US Airways?

Just wondering, and as always, thanks for any replies.

Hmmmm, I believe it's Extended Operating Weight. Don't qoute me though, I never really asked.

Pretty much means it's on Prozac.
Now that makes sense

The flight was continuing on to the Caribbean somewhere. It's clear now. Thanks for clearing that up. =)
I think it's Execute Overbearing Wives!
See ya!
Actually it stands for Equipped Over Water.

My wife is a U FA

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