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US Airways jumpseat

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side stick-n

Well-known member
Nov 29, 2001
Does anyone have any concrete information on the status of US Airways jumpseat policy? I remember a number of months ago reading that the TA included the return of the "open" jumpseat policy not limited to the number of jumpseats. Anyone?
Our jumpseat policy is unchanged for now. Supposedly on Jan. 1 they are going to implement a new policy allowing us to take as many jumpseaters as we have seats in the cabin for, but don't hold your breath.
Thanks for the info. I, along with many others hope the new (or return if you've been there long enough) policy does happen. It would only benifit everyone. Maybe it would be the start of an industry wide policy change. I enjoy having the support of our management to fill the aircraft with jumpseaters when there are seats available. Good luck.
jumpseat and dispatchers???

reepicheep, is it true that we dispatchers are not allowed to jumpseat with your airline (US Airways)????
Yes Yes as we all know several years ago someone at mainline management said only as many jumpseaters as a/c jumpseats. Well some people stood up against it (not to blow my horn or anything) they were pdt and alg but yes you guessed it the mainline boys wouldn't back us. Just proves once again what kind of pilot group you really are.

You guys have no problems screwing us but when it comes time to stand up to the big boys you show your real colors, just like you did when you let 800 of your own get furloughed a few years back just b/c you wouldn't cap pay.
A mainline situation I'd like to relate

Now we all know every airline has its jerks but heres one of many i've seen involving mainline U guys. I thought it would be appropriate b/c it involve the jumpseat.

About 3 weeks ago it was supposed to finish ( day 1 of a 4 day) in ALB late in the morning but was extended.

(side note: gee why was I extended? O yah, I know they furloughed too many of our guys, gee why did they fyrlough our guys? Because we (allegheny pilots) wouldn't play nice with the mainline J4J BS)

Now back to the story: So I'm sitting in the Mcdonalds upstairs (waiting to do an extra ALB-LGA round trip) having coffee and reading the latest trade a plane (have a friend in the market for an RV4) . Its like 11am and as I'm sitting there in comes this mainline guy he gets food and leaves.

An hour later I'm wondering down the hall looking at the pics on the walls and see the same mainline guy on the pay phone. Now its 1 pm and i'm at the counter waiting for my plane to come in and see a UPS guy sitting down there (not like their hard to miss). Well in comes my dash and I head out bla bla bla. Now we are ready to go and no release b/c its a lazy f*cking mainline station. When it comes out no crew member name where mine should be due to the crew swap so I go inside to call dispatch, on my way in I pass the same mainline guy walking out with a pink JS pass in his hand.

Inside while on the phone I see just the UPS guy there now more pax (we only had 30 pax for a 37 seat a/c, it comes into play in a minute). As i'm waiting for dispatch to send a new release I inquire the UPS guy as to where he going. He said he was trying to get to LGA (my flight but got bumped) Man I almost exploded right there. I went right out to the a/c and inquired about the mainline guy JS. He said he didn't have time call the nonrev line and list (notice what time I first saw this guy) so he just took the JS. I tried to get the agent to list the mainline guy but by now we were late and he (the agent) didn't seem to care.

So there you go Mainline boy too lazy to call 800-325-9999 and list bumps UPS guy with no other options. Remember I saw this guy abou 3 hour befoe departure.

he11 I wish I were still a capt I would have tossed that guy so fast and I don't care how much heat I got for it. (BTW I got extended with a MDT capt who was too spineless to do anything about it. )

When we go LGA I got off the plane and chased down the mainline guy (yes chased him down, why was he walking away so fast?) ... needless to say he didn't really seem to care, thats ok I have his name and will give it to my friend at ups (not that it matters but what else can you do) I also had a little talk with spineless MDT boy.

as for the ups guy man I'm sorry I did what I could

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