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US Airways Furloughs 500 More

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Cabin Heating & Air Tech.
Jun 5, 2002
The new mainline bid covering the month of November was released today. The bid closes on August 26 at 2330 and results will be available by August 30th.

The bid includes a reduction of 198 captain Positions

Furlough of 250 available line pilots in November
Further reduction of approximately 250 available line pilots

(anticipated first quarter 2003)

Reduction of 3 B757-200 aircraft
Reduction of 29 B737-300/400 aircraft

Total Pilots Furloughed From US Airways: 1570

First RJ scheduled for delivery to MidAtlantic March, 2002 (after the company emerges from bankruptcy)
Curious what the hire dates are of the most senior pilot to be furloughed.

Sorry to hear about the bad news.

I'm waiting for my walking papers at UA.

That sucks

I was furloughed from US Air Dec 2, 01. I believe that the current furloughs take them back to the late 80s, E.G. 88 or 89, not sure though.
Well don't quote me on this either, but I think we're talking 13-14 year seniority once the furloughs are complete.

We've got a new guy in training in MIA who was a 13 year pilot at US Air and is 200 from the bottom. He saw the handwriting on the wall and is now on a leave of absence from the company.
Sad situation!

Although I dont like the J4J deal, my heart goes out to all of the furloughted guys in the industry. It is so frustrating to see this hapen to so many great people, and there is virtually nothing anyone can do about it. I certainly hope the J4J protocal pans out to be very prosperous for all of those U and U WO's that wait out the situation. You never know, this may be a golden oportunity for you in the future. Good luck to all of you guys (from any carrier!) ;)

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