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US Airspace under attack from Canadian Air Force

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Well-known member
Dec 9, 2005
FAA: Stolen Cessna from Canada tracked toward Iowa
Posted: 08:00 PM ET
WASHINGTON (CNN) — A small Cessna 172 aircraft reported stolen from a Canadian flight school and flown into U.S. airspace has been intercepted by U.S. military aircraft, authorities said Monday afternoon.
Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman Laura Brown confirmed the plane was reportedly stolen from a flight school in Thunder Bay, Canada, and — after it had been aloft for nearly three and a half hours — was headed in the direction of Iowa.
Brown said the pilot of the aircraft, identified as a student at the flight school, was not communicating with air traffic controllers. The pilot was conscious and showed no sign of hostile intent, Brown said, and authorities planned to continue tracking the plane.
A U.S. defense official told CNN that two U.S. Air Force F-16 jets were dispatched after Canadian authorities requested that U.S. aircraft tail the plane in U.S. airspace. The official would not say which base the F-16 jets came from.
Brown said there was only one person on the plane, which left the Canadian flight school about 3 p.m. ET, and the pilot had made several changes in direction.

It seems funny they would say the airplane from Canada is heading toward Iowa...since it must have passed over several other states unless there is some secret air tunnel that spits airplanes out in Iowa when they leave Canada.
F-16's "tailing" 172? How slow can a F-16 fly?
"The official would not say which base the F-16 jets came from."

well, in that part of the US it would either be Duluth, Madison or Des Moines F16's. Possibly Sioux Falls or Selfridge (has MI converted to the A10 yet or are they still flying the f16?)
yahoo article said the kid said (told cops) he was trying to kill himself but was too chicken to crash the plane so he thought he could get shot down. Article also said the F16 came from WI.

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