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US air Power Vs. North Korea...so what of it?

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Paul R. Smith

Fender Bender
Jan 15, 2004
I have tried to do a bit of searching as to the aircraft that NK employs in their military and have not been able to find much. They can't really still use the old mig 15? I realize that its probably more of NK's lack of an internet connection than a covert effort to hide their air force's strength but really what of it.?? I'm not a military man. I'm just curious. Is it the worry about the Russians or Chinese getting involved? We as a nation (and even W:eek: was) seem to be shy about dealing with the North Korean regime. We must be pretty sure that they have nuke warheads and are capable of delivering them to neighboring allies.

Just a curious Airpower fan looking to feel good about the U.S.A. again.
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