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US Air jumpseat

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Well-known member
Jun 1, 2004
what is the priority for the jumpseat on airways between two usair express pilots? does it make a difference if they are WO guys? thanks.
146guy said:
what about two non-WO guys that are usair exress. (like two airwis guys?)

in this case it would be first come, first to get the JS. Of course in the end its all up to the capt but I would bet 9 times out of 10 in this situation the first to arrive for the JS gets it.
Jump Seat

US Airways gives unlimited Jump Seats, so if there were seats in the cabin you would get on anyway.
Wholly owned express pilots are A3 and other express carriers are all lumped into A4. But like the previous post said, if there's seats in the cabin you all get on.
Between two wholly owned guys the pilot who is more senior gets on, not sure about between two air whisky guys.
Just to clarify, you were referring to mainline flights? If so, the previous posters are correct. If you are jumping on an express flight, it becomes more complicated, as it depends on who is doing the flight, who the ACM works for, etc.
FreightNazi said:
Shouldn't a major pilot have priority over a regional pilot?

Not if the "Regional" pilot is trying to js on his own airline.

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