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US AIR : Immediate Small Jets

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New member
Jan 7, 2002
Copied from usairwayspilots.org

April 12, 2002

This is Roy Freundlich with a US Airways MEC update for Friday, April 12, with two new items:

Item 1. Yesterday, the Negotiating Committee met with management in Washington to discuss small jet issues. The Negotiating Committee received a verbal proposal from management on small jets and then worked throughout the day with management to produce a written proposal from management in the form proposed Letter of Agreement 81, titled, Immediate Small Jets. The terms of the proposal as presented by management include the following 18 items:

1. The Company and the Association shall expedite the presentation and completion of the Force Majeure/Minimum Flying case and secure a decision in this case no later than August 1, 2002.

2. Pilot furloughs scheduled for May shall be delayed until September 1, 2002.

3. No additional furloughs beyond the 1350 already announced shall occur unless a new force majeure event occurs.

4. The Company and the Association shall jointly review the pilot staffing requirements of the airline, and the Company shall fully consider the Association’s suggestions. Specifically the Company shall fully value and consider ALPA’s input. Further, if the staffing analysis concludes that some or all of the [furloughed] pilots are not excess, those pilots shall be not be furloughed, or if they have been furloughed, shall be recalled in accordance with paragraph 6.a. of the proposal.

5. The Company shall be granted authority to operate an additional 70 Small Jets beyond the existing contractual limit.

6. The additional 70 Small Jets shall have a maximum certificated seating capacity of 50 seats, with a maximum GTOW of 65,000 pounds.

7. All additional 70 Small Jets shall require a minimum of fifty percent of the vacancies (100 percent of the aircraft placed at Potomac Air) to be filled by furloughed US Airways pilots, i.e. all aircraft will be unstaffed. Such vacancies will be offered to the 287 “protected” pilots and the “non-protected pilots.”

8. Vacancies may be available at the wholly owned carriers, Potomac Air or at US Airways Affiliates. To the extent feasible, the Company will attempt to provide the Small Jet job placements at its wholly owned carriers. However, the Company shall retain the final authority in determining which carriers shall be provided with Small Jets, based on its economic and strategic considerations.

9. In the event Small Jets are placed at Potomac Air, the Company will not object to voluntary recognition of ALPA as the representative of the pilots.

10. All furloughed pilots employed by Small Jet Carriers under this LOA shall be paid first year Captain rates applicable to the jet equipment flown, regardless of seat occupied. In subsequent years, longevity pay increases, based upon Captain’s rates, shall apply.

11. The Company agrees to meet with the Association to discuss and resolve any issues concerning the placement of furloughed pilots out of seniority order into the Small Jet Carriers.

12. The Company shall provide necessary data to the Association to verify compliance with this LOA.

13. This LOA shall be subject to the expedited System Board procedures of Section 1 of the Basic Agreement.

14. All furloughed pilots accepting positions at other carriers shall have full recall rights to the Mainline.

15. Small Jets flown by US Airways Express Operators for flight operations not conducted under the US Airways name, code, marks or marketing identity shall not apply to any contractual or scope limitations. Small Jets authorized under this Agreement shall not be flown by Affiliate Carriers whose pilots are not represented by a union.

16. Pilots whose furlough dates have been delayed may be held to their current status until the revised furlough date.

17. The duration of this LOA shall be concurrent with the Basic Agreement.

18. This LOA shall be subject to MEC ratification by April 18, 2002.

The Negotiating Committee is asking that the MEC consider this proposal.

Item 2. At the request of the Negotiating Committee, today MEC Chairman Chris Beebe called a special MEC meeting to convene in Pittsburgh on Monday, April 15 at 1 p.m., and adjourn on Tuesday, April 16, or at the completion of business.

The agenda is as follows:

Negotiating Committee Update
Report and presentation of the Company’s proposed “Immediate Small Jets” Letter of Agreement.
Consideration of Bob Everley’s and Bill Craine’s [consulting] contracts.
Review from financial advisors
Deliberation on the method of distribution of any gain from the Parity Review Process
The meeting will be held at the Hyatt-Regency Hotel at the Pittsburgh Airport. All US Airways pilots are encouraged to attend the meeting. Please be advised that some portions of the meeting may be in closed session. The telephone number for transportation information is (724-899-6145).

As of March 1, we have 1,073 pilots on furlough.

Thank you for listening.

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