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US Air Express -- Bangor Maine?

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Colgan Air/US Airways Express has a Bangor crew base, and runs flights to Boston...is that what you are referring to?
That is what I was looking for thanks. I am just trying to research what future options I might have for a flying job in Maine. I knew that Colgan based a plane in BHB and other spots, but I could not tell what happened in BGR.
One thing you might want to consider is moving. I am from a great city in the Southwest that everyone seems to be moving to, but I wouldn't work for a bad airline just to live there. Airline jobs are different from other jobs, as you can commute and you might have to live in your base. I have moved six times in seven years for this career, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I know, I know, my girlfriend/family/mother/favorite restaurant and all of my friends live here, and I don't want to move. Who knows, you might even like a new place better. Also, I can't count the amount of times friends of mine have made bad career moves for a woman, only to have the gal leave when he got based in her town. Honestly, if she can't move with you or wait for you to be senior enough to commute, she probably won't like the pilot's wife lifestyle anyway. I would consider another career if you just can't be without her. Just my opinion, take it as you will.

Good luck.

Who said Colgan was a bad airline? At least they don't have anyone on furlough still. I used to work for both American Eagle and Colgan. Colgan has recalled everyone, Eagle is still furloughing. Colgan upgrades are three years sooner than those at Eagle. Maintenance at Colgan was far better than that at Eagle. Sure, Colgan has its share of problems, but every regioanl out there does as well. Did you work for Colgan? If not, how can you call it a bad airline? What criteria are you using to make that statement?
Skydiver driver wrote: "I am from a great city in the Southwest that everyone seems to be moving to, but I wouldn't work for a bad airline just to live there."

I think Skydiverdriver was referring to the airline that's based in the city he's from in the Southwest and was not referring to Colgan Air. In addition, he was suggesting not to hold out for your hometown airline and to keep your options open when the time comes. I'm sure he'll clarify everything when he reads this!
Nonetheless, picking an airline based largely on it's outstation crew bases is not a historically bullet proof idea. There are pilots at CalEx that in the early nineties passed up a sen. # at Mainline to stay at Express and hold their base, places like PWM, etc. Not many years later the airline closed all the outstation crew bases and those pilots are still at Express, but now commuting to lovely places like EWR. Great Lakes has screwed around with their basing also, but in general the industry trend is toward basing at the hubs, with only a few exceptions. It's cliche, but the only constant is change. USAir could surrender, and Colgan could pack it up and head back to Virginia, ya never ever know.

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