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It's all BFI....

Mostly Ameriflight with Metro's, B1900's (had to keep the speed up in the 727 the other day for a 1900 behind us.....hehe) Navajo's. Methow Aviation still has a few Beech 18's. Not sure who but there used to be a Tri-Islander going to Victoria and a Cherokee Six to like Shelton. I'll be there next week if you want me to keep my eyes open for something in particular.....
thanks for the info. I was just wondering. I know Empire has the gig for FedEx. Seems like UPS uses more companies. Does AmeriFlight also do DHL?
How did you like those 640's?
Not sure what else Amflight does though I'm sure it's more than just UPS. I think they have a web page if you search for it.

The Convair was a kick. I flew them out of LAX mostly, a little out of SFO, and always into LAS. It was a night mail contract run by Evergreen in late 80's. I lived near the beach in LA and loved it...good thing the job went away and I got furloughed or I never would have landed at UPS....

I went from 500 hours in light twins to the Convair....all training done in the aircraft. It was a handful for me but I got good training with a company that gave a crap about their pilots and I made it okay. I made Captain in about a year and got about 400 hours in the left seat...my only pic turbine time to this day......

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