UPS recommendation on file? read this


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Dec 3, 2001
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"Recommendations from our employees have always been a valuable tool in enhancing our ability to evaluate potential employees. To ensure the success and safety of our airline, it is essential to gather as much information as possible about candidates for our Flight Officer positions.

In an effort to remain objective in the Flight Officer selection process, a new Pilot Recommendation Form has been developed and will be available on the website beginning Monday, Aug. 22. The new form will require employees to identify specific areas of a candidate's knowledge, skills and abilities as they apply to being a crewmember for UPS.

Effective Monday, Aug. 22, the old recommendation forms and all recommendations previously submitted, will no longer be valid. In order to ensure all candidates are measured by the same criteria, a new Pilot Recommendation Form must be filled out for each candidate referred for an interview and potential employment."


Take special note of: "all recommendations previously submitted, will no longer be valid."

What that means to me, is, if you have a buddy at UPS that recommended you, you might want to track him down and have him do it again, seeing as how the previous recommendation is no longer valid, per da UPS memo.

No idea why they would do this (other than what they say). Reading between the lines, they might be wanting to clean out the files and start over. This kinda sucks for both the previous recommendor, and recommendee, but welcome to UPS.....