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UPS Possible DX Furloughs

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Dad is my favorite title
Nov 30, 2001
Word around the campfire is that UPS might furloughing a few DX after the new year.

Numbers I hear are up to 4 DX

This is due to the loss of flying that UPS will be doing in the new year.
Got some additional skinny - worst case scenario is 7 but as Maddie's daddy said, 4 sounds like the winner.
Heard there is some beef about weekend supervisors. The company is trying to play hardball to get the union to back down?
Three furloughed as of 01MAR10. We have an arbitration coming up mostly involving management doing lead dispatcher work on the weekends. Ironically, if we win this arbitration based on the black & white print that has barely dried in our contract UPS would have to add about three dispatch lead lines. The furloughs have nothing to do with the economy and everything to do with politics and soulless managlement. Our mechanics are also tangled in stalled contract negotiations, which manglement sees no problem spilling the labor games over onto us to make examples to other labor groups. The three we're losing are outstanding assistant/domestic dispatchers and I hope they take their lesson learned and furlough money down south to Purple and don't look back, along with a few more outstanding ones just above them in seniority. I say this because the company has the arrogance to believe that nothing exists outside of SDF and they can call these guys back in a matter of minutes when they see fit, and lay them off again. The reallity is they will be screwed when peak rolls around and they are still trying to train new hires to cover the arbitration and from the failed labor games when we weren't even staffed for peak before they decided to make the cuts. Departing soapbox...
Great pay and benefits, shiny new planes to dispatch all around the globe, and a bunch of inbred simpletons, who still haven't figured out that the only reason they are working in aviation is because this place opened up in their backyard and they really aren't employable outside of Kentucky, standing over you pretending to be important by making decisions so catastrophic that they would bankrupt the majority of the world's airlines on an hourly basis. Did I mention the pay is great???

UPS is an enormous company that makes more money than it knows what to do with and really doesn't care about people in general, especially if they are union employees. If you're a somewhat of a competent dispatcher things go pretty easy, as not a single individual in our management staff has the very basic knowledge to know if/when you are actually doing something wrong. It's kind of like being an independent contractor for a rich eccentric or a somewhat wealthy third-world government; do whatever you want however you want, you tell them whatever they want to hear, and take an obscene amount of money home at the end of the day.

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