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UPS Pool Update

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Well-known member
Nov 28, 2001
Talked to a friend who has a crash pad buddy who during recurrent training this week spoke to the head HR guy at the Training Center in Louisville. He said that there are currently 250 people in the hiring pool and we continue to interview. He also said they just waiting for the word from Corporate in Atlanta to start hiring and classes.

250 seems like a high number to me, since I was hearing it was around 80 back in November. But this number is coming from "The Man" so take it for what it is worth, and good luck.
another view

That is all very interesting, but it doesn't jibe with what HR told me on the phone today. I called to see what was new and was told that there are 50-60 in the pool and that no hiring was expected soon. She told me that they did interview a few in January, but since then they were told not to expect any new hiring this quarter, so they suspended interviewing. She said nothing was likely next quarter, and the rest of the year would depend on the economy. As for now, the company predicts "very little to limited" hiring this entire year. As for the number in the pool, I was told 80 last November, so with no classes, I am not sure how the number shrank to 50-60, unless they really don't bother to keep track of the exact number very closely.

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