UPS Negotiations Update

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Jun 7, 2005
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Hello folks, this is Tom Nicholson with a Special Executive Board Update for Friday, September 16.

The IPA Negotiation Committee just completed 2-days of concentrated talks with UPS management under the direction of the National Mediation Board in Washington D.C.

No agreement has been reached.

We entered these talks ready, willing, and able to reach a conclusion after nearly 3-years of negotiations. Our proposals were developed on the goals and priorities set by you, the IPA membership.

In contrast, UPS is preoccupied with the financial woes of the legacy passenger carriers. In light of our latest round of talks, it is our firm belief that the Company is not serious about bringing these talks to a conclusion at this time.

This leaves the Company in a questionable position. With the probability of a release from mediation occurring at some future point, the cloud of uncertainty over UPS service commitments will remain and grow in intensity.

Time is not on the Company's side. Nothing is going to happen until UPS management arrives at a new perspective and views the contribution and value of the pilot group in a different light.

We are willing to wait. We believe the value and importance of the pilot group will be affirmed to UPS, as it was last year, as we move through our most challenging period - Peak.

At this time, no new negotiation dates are scheduled.

Be professional, fly safe, and remain united.