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UPS is parking planes

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Active member
Nov 27, 2001
Heard today that UPS is parking some 727's and moving the crews to other aircraft such as the DC'8's ,74's and Airbusses.
True - But there is More to the Story...

Yes UPS is parking 727's... But which carrier isn't... Lets not forget "The big picture"... Don't look at it as just parking airplanes.

UPS is being proactive to remain the most profitable Air Carrier in the Business. We are transitioning to more efficient TWO engine aircraft with TWO flightcrew that carry TWICE as much cargo... We have nearly 100 Airbus 300-600 on order and 15 MD-11's...

UPS posted BILLIONS in profits last year.... More than all other Majors combined... Volume is up to pre-9/11 levels.... The sky is not falling... And you forgot to say in your post....


True we are parking some 727's (Fedex is parking more 727's than we are). We will not furlough and probably will hire a few next year. The a/c however are kept in a ready state of alert, and can be recalled to duty in a week.

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