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UPS Interview

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Well-known member
Dec 18, 2001
I've heard there's a great chance of receiving an interview at UPS if you can get a recommendation from a member of management. Does anyone know this for certain? Also, does this have to be from the flight dept. or can it be from any management personnel in the company? Also are they currently interviewing right now for the pool?

Thanks in advance.
As far as I know, it carries more weight if from the flight department. They are not interviewing right now. There are about 70 guys swimming laps around in the pool. Hope they get the contracts out of the way soon and gets things moving again.
Pilot recommendations...

The best one you can have is from a management pilot...does it guarantee an interview? I doubt it, but it's sure gotta help. Non-pilot management? I guess it would depend on who it is and how far up the big brown food chain they are. Generally, I'd say unless they are Air Division....it's pretty worthless. But, if you know the CEO....well, that would be sweet. I don't think we'll be hiring this year....unfortunately, our contract allows for them to squeeze yet even more productivity out of our sleepless souls....
older guys....wait, that's me

In my class, 12 years ago, there were several older guys. Ex-Brannif, Ex-military, and a Corporate or two. Being qualified and having the recommendation is the key. I think they like to hire from a varitey of ages and backgrounds.

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