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try the search function on this site, should provide tons of info. and places to get info. Gluck, right behind you!
Attn UPS applicants

If you have an application on file with UPS, you will need to have anyone who wrote you a letter of recommendation write you a new one.

From the company's website:

"Recommendations from our employees have always been a valuable tool in
enhancing our ability to evaluate potential employees. To ensure the success
and safety of our airline, it is essential to gather as much information as
possible about candidates for our Flight Officer positions.

In an effort to remain objective in the Flight Officer selection process, a
new Pilot Recommendation Form has been developed and will be available on
the AirUpsers.com website beginning Monday, Aug. 22. The new form will
require employees to identify specific areas of a candidate's knowledge,
skills and abilities as they apply to being a crewmember for UPS.

Effective Monday, Aug. 22, the old recommendation forms and all
recommendations previously submitted, will no longer be valid. In order to
ensure all candidates are measured by the same criteria, a new Pilot
Recommendation Form must be filled out for each candidate referred for an
interview and potential employment."
Fellow swimmers,
Do you think we should get our references to fill these out and get them into our file? Or should we just swim along and don't worry about it.

To those swimming

It might not be a bad idea to talk to the people who recommended us. They will have the ability to find out if they have to resubmitt the letter.

Good luck to everyone swimming and here is to hoping that we are all out soon!
I believe the recommendations are to be filled on-line by the UPS employee. Most of the UPS sites are secure/access controlled.

I would talk to the person who recommended you, and ask him/her for an "update" to your recommendation.

After all, once you have the minimum requirements, the opportunity for the UPS interview is made possible by the quantity and quality of your recommendations.

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