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Dec 4, 2001
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What are the average salary ranges for a Pilot at UPS/FedEx with 20 + years flying, maybe almost ready for retirement?

UPS Capt

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Nov 25, 2001
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UPS doesn't have any 20 year Capts since the airline has only been around since '88. The current contract is a 12 year contract. 12th year Capt pay currently is $183.60/hr based on 75 hr monthly guarantee and 13 pay periods a year. This rate goes to $190.00 in July '02. With sick leave buy back at the end of the year, JA, and open time pick up, Capt salary can easily top 200k a year under the current contract. I haven't made less than 225k the last 3 years.

First year probation pay for new hires is 26K. S/O pay jumps to around 56K the second year. 12th year F/O and S/O pay is a percentage of Capt's pay (67% and 57% respective).