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UPS delivering more than packages...

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1800 RVR

Sitting reserve...
Nov 26, 2001

UPS 3Q Earnings Rise 7 Percent to $953M
Thursday October 20, 10:17 am ET
By Harry R. Weber, AP Business Writer UPS Third-Quarter Earnings Jump 7 Percent to $953 Million; Company Reiterates 2005 Outlook

ATLANTA (AP) -- UPS Inc., the world's largest shipping carrier, reported a 7 percent jump in third-quarter profit driven by strong package volume and expansion of its supply chain and freight business. The company also reiterated its outlook for the year.
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The Atlanta-based company said it earned $953 million, or 86 cents a share, for the three months ending Sept. 30, compared to a profit of $890 million, or 78 cents a share, for the same period a year ago.
Analysts surveyed by Thomson Financial were expecting earnings of 86 cents a share in the third quarter.
Revenue in the July-September period increased 17.9 percent to $10.55 billion, compared to $8.95 billion a year ago.
"This has been a great quarter of growth for UPS," said Mike Eskew, UPS chairman and chief executive. "We have tremendous momentum right now in the U.S. and around the world and we see it continuing."
UPS said that for all of 2005, it should meet its expectation of an 18 percent to 20 percent increase in earnings per share compared to the adjusted $2.90 a share reported in 2004.
For 2006, UPS said it expects an increase in earnings per share of 11 percent to 16 percent.
For the first nine months of the year, UPS said it earned $2.82 billion, or $2.52 a share, compared to a profit of $2.47 billion, or $2.17 a share, for the same period a year ago. Nine-month revenue rose 14.5 percent to $30.63 billion, compared to the $26.74 billion recorded a year ago.
UPS shares rose $1.77 to $72.60 in morning trading on the New York Stock Exchange. UPS Inc.: http:http://www.ups.com

It's finally nice to be with a company that is making money. Let's get this contract done and keep rollin'...

Just wait till someone starts a LCC cargo airline, then you guys will be screwed like the rest of us.
Hey BR549,

There already are LCC cargo carriers - they're called supplementals (Express.net, CAT, Kitty Hawk, Kalitta, etc.). I'm not afraid of those companies. They have their niche; nothing will ever change at those companies.

Listen, I'm not sure if your post was supposed to be funny, sarcastic, or truthful. Maybe all of it. But, I find it a positive that there are at least two pilot groups (UPS, FDX) that are fighting to keep the bar from collapsing into the toilet. When the pax carriers get back on their feet, payscales will go back up (that's if management gets their collective heads out of their butts). I've been furloughed 3 times in the last 4 years, so I know what it means to be on the low end of the stick. I wish the best for all pilots and their contracts. Instead of pilots bickering between themselves and wishing ill will upon others that I have seen on this board, we all should be banding together and giving moral support to others in their fights.

Then again, I could have it all wrong. Time for another cup of coffee...
9-5-3 M.

International package revenue in the third quarter rose 14.5 percent to $1.92 billion, doubling the pace of U.S. revenue growth. Package delivery volume into and out of Asia grew by 26 percent, and China volume rose 34 percent.

Revenue for the supply chain and freight segment jumped 130 percent to $1.6 billion due to the impact of the acquisition of both Menlo Worldwide Forwarding and Overnite.

(how again does a package get from here to China, India and SE Asia? thinking...)
The only thing i see ever tearing at the cargos are if someone starts a company where they bring in old RJs and turn em into cargo planes and start running the regionals of the cargo world. Could happen, Will it? Who knows. hope not
All I know is that nothing would surprise me these days. I will live below my means and save money so when it's my turn to get hosed I am not completely freaking out. Hopefully I won't have to worry about it but never say never.

That being said........CONTRACT 2005 ALREADY!!!!!

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