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UPS Brown?

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Active member
Nov 25, 2001
Is there ANYONE out there called in from the pool since Sep? When are they going to realize how much they need ME and call me for the physical? Just kidding, but even if I knew of someone else getting the call, that would be better than staying in the dark.
BAD NEWS------I overheard some managers in the training center saying that there would be no new 747FE's hired this year.
GOOD NEWS------ They may still hire DC-8FE's or 757FO,s the FO's are very questionable. However, things change weekly.
Hang in there It's worth the wait.
I've heard "no" pilot hiring for Big Brown in 2002. Take this with a grain of salt. As Vprof says, "things change weekly" around here and that's the truth!
2002 new hires

I have heard that there will be no hiring also. This is supported by the displacement of 747 and 727 crews. However in the bid packet it said there will be additional dc8 engineer slots added and the only way I see them being filled is with new hires off the street. especially since they are not displacing FE's off the 727 and 747.

Good luck
dc-8 FE slots....

My take on the creation of dc-8 fe slots (with no hiring) is that the displacement of 757 fo's (on probation) back to the panel will happen after the 747/727 displacements take place. Just my 2cents.

Hopefully volume looks good and the pool will get flushed soon...

I like the new tag line.... "WHAT CAN BROWN DO FOR ME!"

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