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Active member
Nov 29, 2001
What is the current projected upgrade time at some of the other companys out there. If you were hired today and in class next month? I know there are alot of 1-2 year captians at other companys, but they all upgraded before Sep.11 . So if I make the switch will I get a quick upgrade, or be stuck at the bottom for a long time.

At jetBlue Airways, F/O's are told upon hiring you'll upgrade within a year. However, with all the extra flying and acceptance of new planes, it seems most are upgrading around 8-9 months.
3green, don't we all wish we had the answer to that question!
I think everyone sets out to find a company that has a quick upgrade so you can get in and get out! When I went to coex you could upgrade in 9 months on the emb-120. I passed that up, and now after 18 months with the company we no longer have emb-120's LOL.
I could have held ATR captain after 11 months, but thanks to 9/11 that changed everything, we won't have ATR's after Jan. Now it looks like I will be a jet fo for 2-3 years before I move to the left seat.
What I'm trying to say is...........it's all a crap shoot! Just go with your gut feeling, and hope it all works out!

As a new hire at ASA almost 2 years ago, I was told that I would upgrade to Capt on the E-120 in one to two months. Now I will probably be a CRJ-700 FO after three years. Don't believe anything they (mgt) tell you, they don't even know what's going to happen most of the time.
I've been at Skywest for a little over 25 months and upgrade in either the jet or Brasilia is probably at least six months away. Attrition has practically dropped to zero so upgrades are only needed for expansion with additional aircraft. I would guess that upgrades for new hires would be at least three years or more unless things change dramatically.
I've been at ACA for 1 yr and 10 months.

In the good ol' days, upgrades reached as far down as the July 10th, 2000 class - most of them are J41 CAs, with one FRJ CA. Some of these people upgraded as soon as April 2001.
However upgrades were happening so quickly that some people literally didn't have bids in, or they were lacking the total time required to move to the left seat - hence they were skipped over then. Now they should be qualified - which is going to slow down people on the bubble for holding down the left seat like myself more. If we hire the 320~ that we're supposed to hire this year, that should put me halfway up the list, and in theory able to hold a CA spot.

What is going to bite people like me (hired shortly thereafter) is that in 2000, ACA (along with most other regionals) was hiring like their was no tomorrow. 50-70 newbies a month was almost normal. Thats a lot of people to wade through until your # comes up! I've flown with guys hired barely 2 months ahead of me who have been CAs for nearly a year. In theory, our dates of hire are similar, but in reality, these people are 100-150 #s ahead of me on the seniority list, which makes a huge difference in terms of what seat you can hold, pay, base, etc...

Also, once our next rolling bid comes out, many of our turboprop CAs will soon be looking to leave their current seat for either the CRJ or the FRJ.

I would suspect that many of the regionals that were hiring like crazy back then (e.g. ACA, ASA, Comair, Skywest, COEX, Eagle) are in similar circumstances. There was just so much slop added to the seniority list in 2000 & 2001 that even a month's difference in date-of-hire could make a huge difference. Realistically, I don't expect to make CA at ACA until my third year with the company.


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