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Upgrade mins for ASA and Skywest?

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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
Comair is telling their new hires they will need 3000 TT before they can be upgraded to Captain. I was just wondering...do ASA and Skywest have any upgrade mins? (Not that anyone at ASA would have trouble meeting that these days) :rolleyes:
I remember seeing it written somewhere that upgrades need 3000TT, but that has never been enforced. Heck, ASA was hiring E120 captains off the street last year. Most upgrades were happening between 1500 and 2500 hrs back when things were hot, but now, who knows.
To answer your question, no, we don't have set minimums, at least we didn't used to. Now no one is upgrading because no one is leaving.
Well, actually, we at ASA used to, and in a way we still do.

We used to require 3000TT to upgrade, but that was dropped when they were really short on Captains a little while back. (Worked well for me!)

However, for the CRJ, we still do have upgrade mins. They are ICAO mins, stemming from the fact that we run the airplane international. I believe it requires either 1000 or 1500 PIC time to upgrade. SIC time counts at 50% (ie 1000 SIC = 500 PIC) I'm not 100% sure about the exact time required, since when I filled out the form I met the requirement and didn't really pay attention to it.

As previously posted though, most of this will probably be irrevelant as upgrades have pretty much come to a screaching halt. I believe CRJ Captain and ATR Captain are now going 3+ years, and E120 Captain isn't moving at all.

I believe the ICAO upgrade mins are 1200; at least that's
what I remember the last time they put a request for
flight time in my box here at ASA.
2,500 TT with 1,000 min at skywest..... this of course, subject to change. -sr. :cool:
ICAO standards = all of your PIC + 1/2 of your SIC, which must total 1500 hours. I know because I can finally get that stupid limitation off of my ATP certificate.
Upgrade times at ASA fall into two classes.
1- E-120, ATR 2- CRJ

E-120 and ATR.
The requirements are ATP minimums

Since it is flown to international destinations ICAO rules apply.

If you are going to be a new hire, don't expect to upgrade anytime soon.

Unitl the CRJ-700 appears in ATL, there is currently not too much movement except for the E-120 captains going to the CRJ. Hopefully this will change but who knows. We are losing flying to other carriers but hey the lowest bidder always wins. Good luck.

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