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Upgrade at Skywest & Comair

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Flash 7

Well-known member
Jul 16, 2002
I'm currently swimming in the pool for SkyWest and Comair.

I know it's difficult to gauge in todays market, but if you guy's had to put an educated guess where do you think you would upgrade faster, and how long would you gauge that would take?

Any info would be appreciated!
Probably upgrade faster at Comair, but what's the rush?
I'm overnighting with all day layovers in places like Jackson Hole, WY & West Yellowstone. Just got TDYed to Santa Barbara, CA for 3 days.
On my days off I have the best moutain biking/hiking/rockclimbing that you could ask for in my back yard. Can't wait for winter. I live 15 minutes from Park City, Snowbird, Alta...etc
I honestly don't care about the left seat cuz I'm loving the quality of life at a really great company
The most junior pilot awarded a Cl-65 Captaincy at Comair during the vacancy bid that closed last week had been with the company for three years.

Lots of new airplanes are appearing though, so hopefully the upgrade time will come down a little.
Flash, I think that you want to look at it more from the point, where do you want to spend the next 3- 5 years. Upgrade will come at both places but that is not a big deal at this point. With civilian competitive minimums up around 6000 total and maybe half that turbine and one fourth turbine PIC your upgrade will be soon enough. I think the pressure is off to rush for that turbine pic and if it is money if I am not mistaken as an FO I think all the really good regionals like SKYWEST and COMAIR pay around the same .
skywest upgrade

Skywest just announced a couple of Brasilia upgrade classes, but they havn't been awarded yet. Also with all the RJ classes they that are comming I imagine RJ CP will get a lot more junior. Newhires are supposed to be awarded the jet pretty soon provided they keep the 12 month equipment lock on the Brasilia.


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