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Upgrade at Horizon

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Livin' the...dream?
Jun 3, 2003

I worked for QX years ago. I'm curious, what's the upgrade time like now-a-days?
QXpeon said:
Let us pray for a net gain of 12 airframes.....
The FO I'm flying with says they told him a whole bunch of classes in '06, so maybe? Would be nice. Then again, I don't believe anything until I see it with my own eyes. Although... a class of 9 in January *is* a good start :)
Q400 Gear Bitch said:
Guys going through class for upgrade next year were hired 2/00

I was a 120 hour instrument pilot working on my commercial in 2/00. These guys must have a lot of time in type.
check6 said:
It's one of the safest regionals to be at though.

I seem to remember Comair pilots saying that a couple of years ago. They are wholly owned, you know.

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