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Update me on Int'l j/s: DAL or FDX to Europe

Rez O. Lewshun

Save the Profession
Jan 19, 2004
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What is the latest....

Does CASS get me in the cockpit? Digital photo required or passport only?

What do the TSA clowns want?

Most importantly, what the word on leaving Europe back to the US?



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Mar 7, 2002
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You cannot jumpseat internationaly under the CASS program. I do not think FedEx will allow you to jumpseat internationaly whether you are in the CASS program or not [I think it has to do with TSA rules, not the pilots]. Most other airlines will allow you to jumpseat internationaly if you pay the taxes out and in, and there is a seat in the back. However, most limit the J/S'rs to however many J/S's are in the cockpit [i.e. B767 = 2 total J/S'rs]. I know AA and CAL require an international reciprocol agreement [i.e. your carrier must be able to reciprocate internationaly]. Last, you want to check in at least 2 hrs prior to your scheduled departure on flight returning to the United States from foreign countries [non US territories]. Good Luck