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Upcoming interviews with EJA?

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Nov 29, 2001
Anyone have a 24 Jan 2002 interview with EJA in STL? Just curious - have one scheduled for that day. Dorinda at EJA told me to expect a web based test for personality and subject knowledge. Anyone taken this test ONLINE yet? Chime in with any personal experiences. Thanks HF
Web base testing is news to me. Haven't heard of anyone taking it. I will ask some of the new FOs I fly with to see if any of them have taken it and I will get back to ya. :D
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Actually, just completed a web-based test with a company newly contracted by EJA for profiling new hires. I think she told me it is in testing stages and may or may not be continued. Took about an hour sitting on my couch and was compiled of both personality and general knowledge questions.

IE - Do you enjoy socializing with others? Y or N
Do you love your mother? Y or N
2/3 + 3/5 =
Jack and Jill run up the hill with 7 gallon pales of H2O? How many more did they run down the hill with if they divided a 50 gallon tank in two?

Those type of questions.... Not too difficult - now the interview and sim to go. Later HF
EJA Testing

Just finished the new computer testing yesterday. I must have been really slow in taking it. It out took me about 1 1/2 hours to complete. There is about 300 questions. 218 questions on personality,25 math(that took the longest)25 vocabulary, 25 word comprehension 25 word matching and career choices. I have my interview scheduled for Jan 17 in Atlanta. Anyone know what type sims are in ATL? In the new contracts are they looking at anymore domicles? Goodluck to everyone.
They have mentioned something about adding more gateways. However, I am sure the company is using it to thier advantage for the upcoming contract. Good luck with the interview and think safety and customer service.;)

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