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UNPAID POSITIONS!! - we do it for fun!

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Jan 26, 2002
I've emailed this &^&&* and let him no how I feel about his bulls*it, some of you feel like doing the same.

March 14, 2002
SKYTYPERS (Part Time Sky Typer Pilots - Florida)
South Florida (FXE)
Tel: no calls
Fax: (561) 738-6623
Email: [email protected]
Web Site: none
SkyTypers does high-tech aerial advertising using five aircraft (Grumman Tigers) in V formation with a computer controlled smoke system to do "dot matrix" printing. We did all of the "smoke in the sky" for Ford, Heineken and GEICO at this year's Daytona 500 on 2/17. We are looking for a number of part time pilots with the following qualifications: Located in South Florida (closer to FXE the better); Commercial and instrument ratings; 750 hours PIC minimum. Formation experience desirable, but we will train to meet our requirements. THESE ARE UNPAID POSITIONS!! - we do it for fun! Resumes by fax or email. When applying, ref: climbto350.com
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What a bunch of BS.....They do it for fun...right. I suppose that the owners of the company enjoy it so much that they didnt charge for their services at the Daytona 500!!

Well..if its all for free...they must be losing alot of money paying for the maintenance on the planes, hanger/tiedowns and all other related expenses. Anyone who believes they are doing it for free...and does it for free for them is a fool.

DONT DO IT. This makes me sick.

Sing it brother!

They must be a bunch of retired Delta pilots I guess, right?

Must be one heck of a tax deduction.

I agree with the previous post but email the sites Climbto350.com and Findapilot and tell them they should pull it as well.

"We do it for fun"....ROFLMAO....bet they tell the IRS that.


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