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United International Jumpseat

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Well-known member
Nov 20, 2002
For those United guys that fly to Asia. I use to jumpseat 3-4 times a year prior to 9-11 to Asia and was wondering if the jumpseat is still available and user friendly for a CASS ready pilot. I am buying a ticket for my wife and son (no ID 90) but was hoping to go on the cheap for myself.

Appreciate your input.

Hey SFOMarc:

As a back up you may want to check out FedEx, UPS, Atlas, Polar or Gemini. I know you want to travel with your family but just in case the flights are full and you can't get on having the freight dogs as a back up would be a prudent move. Good luck. What city are you trying to get to?
I am trying to get to Jakarta, Medan, or KL as I will be visiting these places with my family.Thanks for the freight back up idea, I will probably just end up buying a ticket.
Good idea, I was bumped so many times when I tried to jumpseat to Asia, and it is so hard to deal with the gate agents coming back because most of them don't have any idea how to deal with jumpseaters. You jumpseater, what's that, no english,,,well you got the idea.
I had never had a problem jump seating to Asia. In Singapore they even have a check in line for airline employees. Japan was good as well as was Hong Kong, but this was all prior to 9-11

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